Measles! Measles! Measles!
STOP!  If you suspect you have measles please CALL US!
Do NOT just arrive at the practice as you may infect others in the waiting room.
         Measles Quick Guide:      
For more information, call us or  information visit the
Auckland Regional Public Health Service website.

(09) 276 2822

We're here for you and your family

Created by Taylar Thorpe . May 2018


We're local

Located in the beating heart of the multi-cultural centre of Otahuhu, we're not far away from you.

Qualified & highly trained staff

All our staff are qualified in their respected medical and/or professional fields and receive ongoing training.

Range of service

We offer a range of medical
services for all your family needs

(09) 276 2822

(09) 276 2822

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